Sunday, June 30, 2013

E.L. Watts here. Starting my first ever blog. Sort of anticlimactic if I do say so myself, but here's hoping it gets better.
The current plan is to use this blog to kick off my writing career. I tend to be something of a quitter, yes really! I'm hoping that with you guys cheering me on I will begin to hold myself accountable for my goal of becoming a published writer.
Now don't get discouraged at the fact that I'm a quitter by nature. I think writing is a quitter's paradise.
Why? you ask. Because if you get sick of writing your book, then stop and work on character development. Sick to death of delving into the quirks of your characters? Move on to your plot. Plot bunnies got you down? Work on your synopsis. You follow?
Well if you're at all interested in any of these things stay tuned. I will be writing about all of them and more.
Oh, and if you're bored with all of the on your blog.