Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ten Things I've Learned From NaNoWriMo

1.  50,000 words does not a novel make.
2.  If you feel like you're neglecting your kids, take them to GattiTown and give them $40.00. They will forgive you.
3.  GattiTown is not a good place to sit and write a novel.
4.  GattiTown should not give away giant blow up bats as prizes.
5.  If you are rereading your manuscript and you see any version of the words,"You are mildly intoxicated, possibly completely inebriated at this point, HA HA HA." Get ready for some serious deleting.
6.  Writing everyday is the easy part. Working it all into an exciting plot is the hard part.
7.  If taken before sitting down to write, a giant bowl of butter noodles plus one beer acts as a pharmaceutical grade anesthetic.
8. Your first draft will kind of suck no matter how fast or slow you write the thing.
9. Your dogs WILL eat your manuscript. Or at least as much of it as they can get away with.
10. Writing consistently for 31 days will give you a momentum that you won't want to stop.


  1. I like your post, E. L! I do agree you need to do lots of writing if you want to succeed! It's the same with anything else. I can' t think of any dancers or singers, or athletes who became famous and never practiced their craft. Also, the first draft is generally very different than the finished project. Good job with this!

  2. Let's hope the first draft is different:)
    I do like the momentum I got from Nano. I'm going on a mini vacay this weekend and I kind of want to bring my lap top!!
    Thanks for reading!