Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Does 2014 Feel Like?

I'm done making resolutions. I have been blogging and yapping about writing since July and it hasn't done me much good. I still don't have a completed novel, and what's worse, I don't even have a story that I want to write.
With that sad fact I'm not making big plans or goals for 2014. My New Year's Resolutions will not be to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, or write more. Instead I'm going to focus on feelings.
What do I want 2014 to FEEL like?
Yes, it would be wonderful if next year brought me the small victory of a finished novel (even a terrible one) but finishing a novel will not be the main goal.
What is the main goal?
In 2014 I want to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. I want to feel like I could run up a hill without getting winded and run down without limping. 
I want the feeling of freedom and skill that I had when I rode a bike with no hands.
I want the proud exhaustion that comes from a hard days work. I want to feel my hands around a warm mug on a cold morning.  I want to feel my heart pounding as I hike up a mountain, and feel my breath catch in my chest as I take in a beautiful view.
Those are the feelings I'll be chasing in 2014.
How does a person chase a feeling? That is the key, isn't it. I think it is to live in the moment. When you're in the middle of your day, stop and ask yourself how you feel. What does it feel like to be you at that moment? If it doesn't feel fantastic, if you're stressed or disappointed in yourself, if you're making yourself crazy with your to do list, then STOP.  Run at full speed (if it feels right) and chase a new feeling, a new way of being you.
For me, maybe that means writing 2,000 words a day or maybe that means writing 2,000 words a week, but 2014 feels like success any way you slice it.
How about you? What does 2014 feel like for you? Leave a comment, or write it on a piece of notebook paper, but this year make a commitment to feeling fantastic.


  1. At the moment 2014 feels like any of the previous eight years and will probably feel that way for all of 2014. the primary reason for that is that I am my disabled mum's full time carer so my days have a feeling deja vu. Thankfully, my blog, reading and my attempt at writing stop the time being completely stale.
    Regarding not having a story to write, I combat this by entering short story competitions. They normally give you a topic and there is a date for when the entry must be received. This helps in giving you not only a topic to start one's creative juices flowing but sets a deadline so giving one's writing structure.
    Personally, I subscribe to a UK writing magazine and it gives details of almost all forthcoming competitions. So when I am running dry on ideas for a novel or short story I can fall back on my competitions.

  2. Wow, a full time caregiver has got to be a difficult job! Your mom is lucky to you have you!
    I probably should do the short story thing if for no other reason than that they're "short";) Lately I'm just making sure I'm writing something, anything. I'm not going to stress over the finish product anymore...at least not now...
    I hope your writing is going well!!