Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Word Count

As I mentioned in Ten Thousand Words A Day I am going to start publishing my weekly word count on my blog. This is nothing fancy or detailed, I will simply update you on my word count.
I will resist the urge to make excuses about how busy my week was or this and that and just get down to the numbers.
The holidays were crazy (wait, I thought I said no excuses....maybe just one) and I missed the first week in January so you'll get two updates for this one.
From January 1st to the 3rd I wrote a total of 3,131 words.
From January 4th to the 10th I wrote a total of 8,615.
What are your word count totals this week? Any word count above zero is pretty fantastic in my opinion!


  1. I love this idea! I also like using my red marker for something positive. :) My word count for Thursday and Friday was 3390. I'll have to start tomorrow and see what I can get for a week!

  2. I've got zero for this weekend, but I'm ready to get to work tomorrow!

  3. My word count for this week is only around 2500. Do you count what you write on your blog as part of your word count? I do.

  4. No, I don't count what's on my blog, but that's not much these days anyway:)
    I've been doing a lot of word wars. I'm gonna blog about them....soon, but it's really pushing up my word count!!